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We've all gone "Rogue" at Open Door OC. That means we're all moving forward out of our old ways of thinking and out of our old ways of doing church. We see Jesus leading us all forward as one human family into a life where Jesus' kind of  "Love" reigns, and moves us into a daily life of "loving our neighbors like we love ourselves." Join us on Sundays for our live broadcast at Open Door OC in the Westminster Mall.

We Need To Reform Our Culture

We must resolve to quit "trying and actually "do something" to end the hate and violence in our culture.

Worst Church Advice Ever!

 If your church advises or even hints that you as a parent should shun your kid, you need to find a new church or faith community.  

Throwing Christian Shade...


Identifying Con Artist Preachers| Pastor RC Wilkinson| Open Door OC| Revs Reels

Our Current Series

The Book of James at Open Door OC

Watch Our Sunday Morning Soul Training Messages with Pastor RC Wilkinson (Open Door OC's "Teaching Pastor") on YouTube at Open Door OC

Fundagelical Persecution Complex


Fake Persecution Complex|Quit Blaming Amazon| The Rogue Fundagelical Vlog| Revs Reels

The Suppressed Bible Words That Liberated & Empowered Women

 "Part of the Fundagelical agenda is to keep women in a place of subservience." Changing Bible words to suit their agenda helped them succeed in the suppression of women, until now... Watch these videos on YouTube at Revs Reels

The Border Crisis Is A Humanitarian Crisis


The Border Crisis| The Rogue Fundagelical Vlog| Revs Reels

The Rogue Fundagelical-Pastor RC Wilkinson


Franklin Graham| Pete Buttigiege| Jesus| Progressive Christianity| The Rogue Fundagelical 

 Watch these videos on YouTube at Revs Reels 

The Parable of the Fig Tree Part 1| Pastor RC Wilkinson

You probably haven't heard or seen this parable examined from this perspective... Pastor RC turns the gem of Scripture so we can see another facet of Jesus' character that most people miss or choose not to see. This is The Parable of the Fig Tree (Part 1)

 Watch these videos on YouTube at Revs Reels 

The Parable of the Fig Tree| Part 2| Pastor RC Wilkinson

What is "love" supposed to look like? What does it look like? In this video, Pastor RC talks about the fruit of the Spirit that GOD's presence in our lives should show. Is there any Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control showing in your life and showing in how you treat other people? 

 Watch these videos on YouTube at Revs Reels 

3 Facts about Faith|The Rev's Faith Series

"The Rev" Pastor Deborah Windham cover 3 Facts About Faith. What faith is, where our faith comes from, and how the information we base our faith on affects the people around us. Do we have faith that saves people or does our faith harm them? 

Watch These Videos on YouTube at Deborah Windham

The Rogue Fundagelical Vlog| Confronting False Prophets

The Rogue Fundagelical (Pastor RC Wilkinson) Confronts the question "Are Hurricanes Flipping Red States Blue?"

Self-Proclaimed Fire Fighter Prophet says...

The 2 Myths| Religious Intolerance and Traditional Values

When we refuse to question our beliefs, our faith could lead us to places that are hard to break away from. 

by The Rogue Fundagelical, Pastor RC Wilkinson

What Is Forgiveness?

What Does Real Forgiveness Look Like?

Manipulators love to twist this principal in order to get you to do what they want you to... Don't be fooled. 

Pastor RC Wilkinson (Open Door OC's "Teaching Pastor")

Jesus Invented Social Justice-Introduction to Revs Reels on YouTube

Jesus & Social Justice at Open Door OC

"Love Your Neighbor Like You Love Yourself"

Every time Jesus taught He pointed us to how we should treat one another. This is our introduction to...

Blaming LGBTQ+ People Is Religious/Political Propaganda

Stop Blaming LGBT People| Genesis 19 Is About In-Hospitality-Not Homosexuality. Fundagelicals may declare that Homosexuality is a "sin"  but in truth, they misuse this story. This Biblical malpractice needs to stop and exposing these false teachings of the Bible and correcting these false narratives is part of what we do at Open Door OC.

What The BIBLE Is & What The Bible Is NOT

What Is The BIBLE? with Pastor RC Wilkinson

Open Door OC's "Teaching Pastor"

Philip & the Ethiopian Is About INCLUSIVity

Philip & The Ethiopian The Real Story with 

"The Rev" Pastor Deborah Windham

Stop Blaming Women & Girls

Stop Blaming The Girls with Pastor RC Wilkinson

"The Rogue Fundagelical"