😀👍You Are Welcome & Affirmed at Open Door OC

A quick intro from the Rev. Deborah Windham. I'm here to encourage LGBTQ people in whatever ways I can as a Minister, as a Pastor, and as a human being. Though religious Fundagelicals may have written you off, Jesus has done no such thing. Nor have so many of us who are here to add one more voice of encouragement to the many already out there. This is my "on the fly" intro to one of our 3 YouTube Channels. All different, and hopefully all encouraging and helpful to you.

Straight Talk About Heaven with "the Rev"

 I ask "what would you do and how would you feel if the shoe was on the  other foot? What if everyone else was LGBT Q+ and you were not, but if  you wanted to get to heaven you had to make yourself change into being  LGBT... That would be CRAZY right?" Yet that is what is pounded into  LGBT people who want to be part of most church communities. Find an open  and affirming church, a progressive church that welcomes everyone just  like Jesus. 

Who Are Our Neighbors

The Rev looks at the religious👀climate & the reformation of Christianity that's happening right in front of us. Regardless of these changes, we're all called to do the right thing. Loving "all" their neighbors was the sign & seal❤️of the 1st century followers of Jesus. Today, loving all our neighbors is  termed Progressive Christianity. The "religious right" makes loving our neighbors sound like it's a bad thing for people to practice. That's why we follow Jesus's teachings, not theirs.


Three Kinds Of Faith | What Are They?

 In this video I outline the three kinds of "Faith" I'll be talking about  in the next three segments. Divine Faith or "Living Faith," Demonic  Faith, and Dead Faith. We all have some kind of faith that we live out  every day. The kind of faith we have depends on how we treat other  people.  😉👍  

Faith Like Abraham's | Divine/Living Faith

Did you know there isn't a word for "faith" in the Bible? It's true. In  this video I'm covering the three Hebrew letters from the Hebrew  Alphabet that the concept of "Christian" faith comes from.  😉👍  

Demonic Faith | What Does It Look Like?

There are lots of Christians who say they have faith, but what kind of faith do they really have. The kind of faith that demons have is based on and rooted in fear, threats of violence, and mis-characterizations of who Jesus is, and what GOD is really like. In this video the Rev, Deborah Windham is covering what demonic faith is, what it sounds like, and what it looks like. 😉👍  

The Rev's Tissue Issues, Trigger Finger & Dirty Laundry

A quick connect with ya while I did one of my most favorite things; My Dirty Laundry. If you want to see what life is like for a middle-aged LGBTQ minister with trigger finger, tune in and watch. Question... Do you think Jesus and religion are the same thing?  I hope you get something helpful out of this video.  Remember to go out there and be a blessing to someone who can't pay you back.

😀👍A quick Blog plug. Check it out.  https://theroguefundagelical.com  

Does jesus Want Your to Abandon Your LGBTQ Kids?

What happens when parents are advised by their "Fundagelical church" leaders to reject and abandon their kids when they find out their child is LGBTQ. This video part of my Dirty Laundry Diaries.

The Recovery Series | Step One 😉👍

Recovery is a journey, not a guilt trip. 

Think recovery is only for addicts & alcoholics? Truth? Recovery is for everyone. Some of us are recovering from religion, others from trauma, or emotional pain, or something else. We've all been in recovery from either pain we've experienced  or pain we've caused in either our own life or someone else's. 

Step One is all about ending our denial about it so we can get on with healing & then helping others do the same. Join our digital recovery forum.

The Recovery Series | Discover the Overcomer 😉👍

In this video we're continuing with Step One in our Recovery Series. The  Recovery material comes from our "Discover the Overcomer Workbooks  Series. There are 5 Workbooks in the series. We cover the 12 Steps from a  modern perspective with spirituality, and not religiosity. 

Steps & Prayers 😉👍

 In this video we're continuing with introducing our Recovery Series. The Recovery Steps and helpful prayers for meditation are in this video.