This Is Us

At Open Door OC

We're not a "religious group." We're an open and affirming progressive spiritual community. This means we're a growing community of people transforming into the image of Jesus. We build relationships with one another through renewing our minds by fixing false religious narratives we may have learned in our past. 

Together, we practice Jesus' kind of love in our relationships by connecting through groups, book studies, and fun community activities, like beach parties, lunch bunch dates, movies, picnics, and barbecues. 

Part of the personal growth and community development can come through our daily spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, lectio divina, correctly studying the Bible, spiritual journaling, fasting, community life, building healthy relationships, and more... Everyone is different and  generally adjusts these spiritual disciplines into their own personal preferences and timelines. The "Spiritual Practices" terms, are simply terminology, and the video links give a general idea of how to put them into practice if you are looking to do so. They are tools, not rules.

At Open Door OC

We're doing our best to learn what it means and looks like to follow Jesus without being weird or "cooky." 

We believe Jesus is the "Living Word," the "Physical Embodiment of our Creator. We see Jesus as the Light of Life and the Almighty God Who Became human" to show us the best way to relate to one another, and how we should treat each other. 

We understand Jesus to be the "Bread from Heaven" whose words give us life, direction, and lift us out of dark and difficult places. We've come to know that it is when we actively love and care for others we are fulfilling Jesus "New" Commandment, that We Love One Another like He loves Us, and the old commandments of loving God, by Loving our Neighbors without discrimination.

At Open Door OC

We work toward peace by standing up for the fair and equitable treatment (social justice) for all people.  We demonstrate our love for Jesus by practicing our love toward one another. Practicing Jesus' kind of love for others is what we do, being perfect at it is something we are not. Together though, we believe we can make a difference in each other's lives, and that, will hopefully make us happier people, and better friends.