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You're Free to be You at Open Door OC

This Is Us~The Short Version


Where We've Been

We've cultivated a safe place for everyone that wants, to explore, practice, and grow in their relationship with Jesus and with the people around them. Whether we are a large group or a small one, our aim remains the same. We've always been an inclusive community.

Founded in 2000 we've remained dedicated to welcoming and serving all people, including the LGBTQ+ community. 

"Love one another as I have loved you."



Why We Are Here

We have always been a diverse and fluid community. Some people fly in, rest, refuel, and take-off again, while others have made Open Door OC their home community. We don't put on a "big show," or focus on becoming "a big church." Instead, we focus on helping one another so we can get on with living our best lives in big and meaningful ways.  Come experience the warm welcome we believe Jesus asks us to offer to all people everywhere without discrimination, expectations, or condemnation, because simply put, we are one human family.

Open Door OC is the place where everyone matters, including you.

 "Love does no harm to their neighbors."

~Paul the Apostle~


Meet Our Ministry Team

Our unique, all volunteer leadership structure facilitates our commitment to direct most of our financial resources to serve the community both inside and outside. Our leadership team is made up of five Pastors who each use their gifts, talents, and skill sets to minister to the community and cultivate spiritual growth and the new generation of leaders from within the community. If you believe in equality and social justice we might be a good fit for each other.  

We value every person and encourage you to explore volunteer opportunities in a variety of areas.  

We are a body of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Open Door OC encourages everyone to both serve and lead in areas that fit the gifts, talents, and skill sets each person has 

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"Do the good to others that you want done to you."   

 ~ Jesus ~              

Explore & Experience Community at Open Door OC

You're free to discover Jesus' life, learn His teachings, and experience Jesus' presence within a growing community. We believe in Love and that "We Are One In Christ" just like one of our theme songs, written and performed by John Mc Clain, specifically for Open Door.

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