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Where We've Been

Since 2000 our 501(c)3 Non-Profit faith community has been dedicated to providing a safe place for people to explore, practice & grow in their relationship with Jesus & one another. 

"Love one another as I have loved you."

Why We Are Here

We have always been a diverse and an inclusive community. Come experience the warm welcome we believe Jesus offers to all people everywhere without discrimination or condemnation.

 "Love does no harm to their neighbors."

Meet Our Team

Our unique, all volunteer leadership structure facilitates our commitment to direct our resources to serve the community. If you believe in equality and social justice you might be a good fit.  For a digital look into our community,  Click & Watch The Video Below...

"Do the good to others that you would want done to you."                      

Explore & Experience Community at Open Door OC

You are welcome to explore your faith in the safe space we work to cultivate.

We provide an environment where you can experience Jesus' life & presence within community. We aim for progress, not perfection. We "do community" together.

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