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 😀👍 We've all gone "Rogue" at Open Door OC. That means we're all moving forward out of our old ways of thinking and out of our old ways of doing church. We see Jesus leading us all forward as one human family into a life where Jesus' kind of  "Love" reigns, and moves us into a daily life of "loving our neighbors like we love ourselves." Join us on Sundays for our live broadcast at Open Door OC in the Westminster Mall or Watch our videos and Vlogs on our YouTube Channels

Jesus & Women

Check out what Jesus teaches us about men, women, marriage, abusive men, the oppression of women, financial & social inequality. Jesus confronts and corrects our false narratives about all of these issues, and more.  

Going Home Again - Nicodemus

Here we talk about "Going Home Again" from the view of Nicodemus, the Prodigal & all of us.  We hope you connect with the message. If you find this video helpful give us a thumbs up,share your comment on YouTube & subscribe to our channels. 😀👍 

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The Dangerous Doctrine of Christian Nationalism

Today on Open Door OC Professor and Pastor, RC Wilkinson talks about the dangers of Christian Nationalism (aka White Nationalism). Watch it and share it if you find it was helpful to you.💖😀👍

Our friendly little community accepts, welcomes, affirms, and invites everyone to join us on our journey into and through the teachings of Jesus. 

"Submissive Women" Is A Dangerous Doctrine

Today on Open Door OC Professor & Pastor, RC Wilkinson talks about the history of forcing women to "submit" to their "christian" husbands. What women are left with in a society that misuses & misapplies Scripture to suppress the rights of women solidifies the advantages of the patriarchy, through misogyny & inequality.  How do you see it?

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End Times

It's true, our Sunday messages at Open Door OC are packed with information, history, culture, original language, and context. Thousands are linked to us through our YouTube Channels because of you. Thank you for your love, prayers & generous support. 💖😀👍  

Learn where & when "End Times" preaching started, and how it came to be today's profitable business of selling fear & false prophecies. Learn to spot false preachers, teachers & prophets. Like & share these videos if they helped you.

The Rapture Story❤️

😂👉Professor and Pastor, RC Wilkinson shares a true to life "Rapture Story." This mini clip is part of our Dangerous Doctrine Series.   You can watch the full version of this message on the "Dangerous Doctrines" playlist this Sunday. It's about "Everything we got wrong about the rapture." 

The History of The Church and The LGBT+ Community 😉👍

There is a history of discrimination against the LGBTQ Community that has been documented, hidden, buried that's now been carefully excavated and brought to the surface. Author, researcher, and advocate for the LGBTQ Community, Kathy Baldock tells the stories of people involved who helped get us where we are today in our quest for the truth, and for equal rights.  Kathy is leading the way to the mainstream churches and helping them to embrace the kind of inclusiveness Jesus calls us to.  

The Spiritual Practices/Disciplines Series on YouTube 😉👍

Every time Jesus taught He pointed us to how we should treat one another, "Love Your Neighbor Like You Love Yourself" a big part of becoming that kind of person requires us to do the work found within our own "Spiritual Practices." This is our Spiritual Practices "aka" Spiritual Disciplines series that might be helpful in getting you started.

The Rev on Living, Dying,and Rising-Up

 In this video I am covering how living in the "Kingdom of GOD" isn't what most Christians think it is. The life of Jesus, and the teachings of Jesus tell us that if we are not living out the commandment of "love your neighbor as yourself" then we are not living in the kingdom. We have to die to and/or repent of the ways of thinking and behaving that harm our human brothers and sisters. If we don't or won't, then our life is no different than the world's system of greed, oppression & violence.

True or False? Good News or Fake News? Which is it? 😀👍

😎👉When the truth is called "fake news" and we use what is false as the truth, how do we know what's right and what is truly important. We can't call you or ourselves a "Christian" if our life and actions aren't imitating the life and modeling the actions of Jesus, His life, and characteristics as the God of Love. 💖

Is God Angry At Me

Teaching Pastor & Professor RC Wilkinson at Open Door OC asks and answers, "Does God get mad at me?"  We hope you connect with this message. 

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The Revelation of God's Personal Presence

It's been the plan all along, that all the nations would be blessed with  GOD's Holy Personal Presence.  In this Soul Training Series video I am covering Acts chapter 2 and the  long awaited arrival and manifestation of GOD's personal presence. The  prophet Joel described, that GOD's Spirit would one day be poured out on  all flesh. That's meant to include, women, young people, the elderly,  all flesh, as in all humanity. 

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Our Book of James Series On YouTube 😉👍

The Book of James at Open Door OC

Watch Our Sunday Morning Messages with Pastor RC Wilkinson (Open Door OC's "Teaching Pastor") on YouTube at Open Door OC  ❤️ 


 ✋😀In this video I am covering "The Tales Trees Tell." How to know if  your teachers, leaders, or so-called prophets are true or false,  teaching what's true or what's false, leading us with honesty and  integrity, or speaking deceitfully and profiting from you for their own  personal gain.   

❤️Watch the video skit "Tale of Two Trees"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ-_-FVUyPA 

as a short but funny back-drop to this video.