Philosophy & Fearless Faith

Today on Revs Reels, we are featuring the eloquent Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Ted Preston. Professor Preston addresses the issues many Christians face about "philosophy" and whether or not it can harm their faith. It's a true fear that many of us face as we approach entering into college and choosing our classes. This is part one of Professor Preston's two part series on "Philosophy and Faith."  

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What Does Evil Look Like?

Today on Revs Reels, Pastor RC Wilkinson (The Rogue Fundagelical) tackles a big issue in our country about Doctors, law Makers, and Big Pharma. Pastor RC Wilkinson asks the question, "What Does Evil Look Like?" And then... he lays out a pretty compelling argument.  Remember to like and share our videos if you find them helpful, informative, or encouraging. 

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5 Signs Your Church Is Too...

Today on Revs Reels, Pastor RC Wilkinson shares a Vlog from his Rogue Fundagelical Blog series answering the critiques of Fundagelicals about Progressive churches. has presented an article titled, “5 signs your church might be heading towards Progressive Christianity.”  Do they not know Jesus Himself was "Progressive" and "Inclusive" and "Unwilling to Condemn a woman" men accused of wrong doing? 😀👍  

Would Jesus Be Allowed to Cross Our Borders?

 "The religious and political right paints it as an invasion of our country by gangs and drug pushers. The religious and political left see it as a humanitarian crisis. It is a humanitarian crisis." It’s a good thing that Egypt didn’t have a Department of Homeland Security when Jesus and his mom and dad were fleeing a murderous government and seeking refuge and asylum in a foreign country. 

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Women Were Leaders In The Early Church

Part of the Fundagelical (Evangelical/Fundamentalist) agenda is to keep women in subservience to men. According to Evangelicals, “Men are the spiritual head of  the household.” They say, women should be submissive to their husbands and not allowed to be pastors, elders, or deacons in the church because that "usurps" the leadership of men."  They use well-chosen out of context, cherry-picked verses to support their agenda."

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No More "Thoughts & Prayers"

We need a cultural reformation in our country or we will continue to  repeat the same old sick cycle of thoughts and prayers while people are  still "trying." The Rogue Fundagelical puts it this way... There are solutions and as one human family we must resolve to "quit  trying and actually do something to end the hate and violence in our  culture. We need reformation in all of our social, political,  educational, and healthcare structures. It's time to stand up and make  the change happen." 

How To Study The Bible

Today on Rev's Reels, Pastor RC Wilkinson (aka... The Rogue Fundagelical at ) continues teaching on Spiritual Practices at Open Door OC. Lot's of people "study the Bible," but when "Studying the Bible" is done incorrectly and Bible Verses or Bible Passages are taken and used "Out of Context" the Bible gets turned into something it was never intended to be, a weapon. 

Jesus & Lawlessness

Would Jesus condemn people fleeing violence & horror in their home  country? Seriously, would Jesus even be allowed through our southern  border at this time in history? Would we even be able to recognize Him at all?  This is where we are, and it is a super sad place to be, especially  knowing that the majority of our nations people are horrified at how  refugees & asylum seekers & their children are being treated. It  seems to be a new Evangelical weapon to spread such a false  gospel.

Real Forgiveness Isn't What You Think

We've known Christian Leaders who have given dangerous and irresponsible counsel to women saying, that they must stay with their abusive husbands "because the Bible says..." But this is one of the most egregious misuses of this Bible word. Watch Pastor RC Wilkinson at Open Door OC  explain the correct use of the Biblical term, forgiveness. 

Is Your Halloween Candy Cursed?

The Rogue Fundagelical talks about how Fundagelicals are breaking out their tinfoil hats early this year. They're sending out these crazy classic warnings of satanic activity that come directly from the 1980's "Satanic Panic." Pastor RC answers the question... "Is your Halloween candy cursed?" 

What Separates You From God?

Pastor RC Wilkinson corrects the "Bad Theology" around what actually separates people from Jesus. Is there really a fiery chasm between us and Jesus when we sin? Many people grow up hearing very scary Bible teachings and concepts based and driven solely by fear. Is fear what Jesus is trying to accomplish in us or is Jesus' love meant to drive out all the types of anxiety and fear from us so we can have a healthy, balanced,  and sane relationship with our Good Heavenly Father.